Broken Yet Beautiful

This morning I started the day by helping fix a vase.  The vase had been sitting broken for weeks.  The pieces lay on the ground.  At first I wondered why it was still sitting there and not in the trash.  Then I forgot about it.  I found the vase pieces sitting next to super glue this morning. It was time!

We all have scars.  There are ones we can easily see, the physical ones. I have a scar on my back from surgery, one on my finger from cutting myself, and one on my knee from falling.  I’m not scared to show them or tell the stories behind them.  Then there are the scars that are not visible to the human eye.  These are the scars on the inside, on the heart and soul.  We all have these too but we don’t always tell the stories about how they came to be or even admit that we have them.  I know that I don’t talk about them very often.  Even then it is only with people I am very close with.  I don’t like admitting that I am scarred because that would mean I have been broken.  But, we all have been there and experienced the pain that comes with these scars.

When we finished putting the vase together I took a step back.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Only small cracks remained.  The glue did the trick.  It has made something that was once in pieces whole again.  From where I am sitting now the vase looks perfect.  I love how the light dances off the silver color.  But, with each step you take toward it, more of the cracks are visible.  Then when you look inside you can see the light shining through.  The glue can only do so much.  The vase now has a story.

Even with scars we are beautiful.  I have to often remind myself of this.  All the scars make us who we are.  They help us tell our story.  If I had not fallen and been broken in my life, I would not know the amazing feeling of being put back together.  I would not know great joy.  I would not have felt great love.  Some scars we all seem to have, like going through middle school, friendships and relationships ending, and having someone talk badly about us, but other are specific.  Those are what make me who I am.  If you look closely you can see the lines where I have been put back together.

This year is about learning and growth.  Sometimes I will fall apart and other times I will be mended back together.  Even when I feel I have the strongest glue there is, a piece may fall out.  I am learning to take each of these pieces and care for them and learn how they fit into my story.  I have been trying to let people get close enough to see more of who I am.  We can’t always put something together on our own.  I encourage you to also change how you look at brokenness and scars.  We all have them so why don’t we show kindness to one another and be the glue someone may need in their life.

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  1. Good morning Amy I’m up early today the sun is just rising it’s 7am here and very cold .What a way to start the day reading your post.I think when this year passes you need to use all your post and write a book.Have you read Life without Limits? It’s such an inspiring book.i hope you get to celebrate Jesus Birthday can’t wait to read all about it.We here at home are thinking of you.Ihope in some way you have a Merry Christmas❤️Love you LaVern

  2. Amy, there are tears running down my cheeks as I read your blog. It is meant for everyone and you are God’s messenger to each of us. What a powerful and heart filled message this is to each of us. Thank you for sharing your heart’s story to me! May God hold you in His arms as you continue this journey. Love and Hugs to you! Mary

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  3. Your message reminded me of the Leonard Cohen lyric “There is a crack, everything is cracked, that’s where the light gets in.”

  4. Would we all not benefit from the “when the time is right” approach to projects, rather than pushing too many things into one day, as I am prone to doing.

    I am grateful for my scars and brokenness, as it is when my life is in disarray and I am most vulnerable that I realize my need for the babe of Bethlehem, the Savior who will remake me in ways I could never manage on my own. The songs of Christmas resonate with the joy of Easter morning.

    Enjoying your journey and insights!

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  5. Amy, what a wonderful post—such an important message for all of us! Thanks for sharing your journey. Peace and love to you.

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