This post goes out to a special friend.  Marcia this is for you!  She was in this wonderful city studying a few years back.  We talked about my travels a lot before I left and she had a great list of things for me to do.  The night before I let her know that I was excited, and I woke up in the morning to something like 25 messages from her.  They were all screenshots from goggle maps.  It was to be my city tour for the day!  I loved it.

I started with the included city tour.  They took us to a lot of the big sites.  This was good for me because then I could focus on the lesser known things in the afternoon.

Homelands (831)





We had lunch at a little café on Nyhavn street. This is the iconic street with all the colored house.  It was wonderful.  All I wanted to do was look at the scenery around me.

Homelands (911)



Thanks to google maps street view, I had a perfect walking tour from city hall to Marcia’s apartment in the afternoon.  Once I left the busy main streets, I felt like I was a local.  I love that feeling.  There is a huge difference between being a tourist and being a local.  I like when I can merge those two.  I hate standing out.


City Hall – where my Marcia walking tour started


The Tivoli was right next to City Hall just like she told me it would be.


Per Marica’s google maps, I was to walk through this square.


Well I found her apartment!


From there I went on down the street to the round tower.  It was constructed to be an astronomical observatory and is 34.8 meters high (a bit over 10 stories).




View from the top! I’m so glad I made the trip up!

This was a special day for sure.  I got time to really explore the path less traveled.  I was able to go at my pace and really absorb the culture.



The day came to a close with a perfect moon!  I could not have asked for a better day in Copenhagen.  And don’t worry Marcia, I have many more pictures for you!


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