Freshly Falling Snow


Snowy peace.

When the clouds open and the snow begins to fall, there is a hush that comes across the land.  The snow leaves nothing untouched.  One snowflake at a time the once brown and black landscape turns white.

The snow started late afternoon today.  This is the first “big” snow we were forecasted for this winter.  My heart was a flutter with the idea of seeing the world all white.  Snow puts me in a wonderful mood.  There is nothing like sitting at the window watching each snowflake fall.  All of a sudden a gust of wind will take the snow swirling in the air, but then die off and the snowflakes settle back into their spots.

Tonight I went on a little adventure.  I had to go to choir practice and when I walked out I was probably the only person who was happy to put on their hat and gloves and scrape the snow off their car.  Call it crazy or childlike but that is how I feel.  There is just this magic.  When I safely made it home, the first thing I did was grab my camera.  I knew that it would be hard to capture the beauty of the snow in the dark, but thanks to the lights around my apartment, I got a few good ones.

Walking to take the pictures I was careful to make only one line of footprints.  Same path out and back.  I was not going to be the one to mess with the beauty the snow had created.  When the snow is smooth and pristine, there is this feeling of amazing peace.  Outside all the sounds of the normally busy world are hushed, the lights are made to glow, and the dirt and grime that winter brings is made new.

As with most things I know that the snow will not last.  But the feeling will.  The feeling that all is calm and at peace.  I need to be reminded of that with the crazy busy life I try to keep up with.  Being able to take time to enjoy each snowflake today reminded me to take time to relax.  I can’t possibly do everything.  So while the snow is on the ground I will make a point to stop and breathe and take in all its’ beauty.  I think you should too!

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