Kristin’s Birthday

My sister is a very special person in my life.  I would not be the person I am today without her.  She has taught me how to love, how to laugh, and how to share joy with others.  The best part is today she turned 30!  This year for her birthday we had a party and there were people who were not able to make it.  I still wanted them to help her celebrate so I asked for them to send me a video.  I had no idea what a wonderful thing this would turn out to be.  Kristin was so surprised and so happy at what she got to see.  Words cannot describe how much I love my sister.  There is just this special bond between us.

I have included the video that I made for my sister.  It was too large of a file to just upload so I had to go through youtube first.  Thanks to everyone who made her birthday extra special!  You all mean so much to her!  Enjoy the video!

    Kristin’s Birthday Video

Photo Credit: Thanks to Joe for capturing this great moment between Kristin and I.  He even edited it to make it extra special!


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