Life at Sea

One of the days on our trip we were at sea all day.  I though that I would show you our boat and explain life on board a ship!


First off here was our room.  Kristin and I shared and Mom and Dad have the room right next to us.  It is fun too because we could see around on the balconies to each others rooms.  We found out that we had a doorbell for our room.  We established that 1 buzz is Kristin, 2 Mom, 3 Me, and 4 Dad.  We always knew who was at the door. Kristin and I liked to both buzz when we were waiting on Mom and Dad to go somewhere (then they know we are both standing outside waiting on them). Hahaha.


There was a few places to eat on the boat.  Our favorite was the World Cafe.  I think it was that way for a few reasons.  It was a serve yourself style and they had a large variety of different foods every night.  There was always something with a local flare based on our location and I enjoyed trying them.  One night I happened to tell one of our friends that I had never had Sushi and next thing you know, I had a plate of it specially picked for me and an audience watching me eat it.  It wasn’t bad!  I think you have to eat it more than once to really like it.  The other reason I really enjoyed going there was because of the staff.  From the first night we were on the boat when the Maitre D’ made sure that my mom was getting gluten-free food, to the special magic tricks we saw every night, we quickly felt like family.  I’m not sure if we spent more time eating or talking to the staff and the other guest that we had gotten to know.

20160625_185618 (1) 20160622_202334.jpg

My favorite spot on the boat was the decks.  You would find me leaning on the rail looking over to the passing scenery as often as I could.  I will say that I did have my share of wind while walking around but it was worth it.





After a few days on the boat I spotted this…

Homelands (1417)

…This picture made me laugh every single time I walked by it.  With how the guy is walking it looks like he only has one leg!  For my friends still on the boat, have you seen this?

We were also lucky to get a private tour of the bridge from the Captain.  You never know who Kristin will make friends with.  It is amazing all the technology that comes together to make the ship work.

Homelands (1418)One last thing that I loved about the boat was the entertainment.  I don’t think that I realized that there would be so much to do.  From lectures about the places we were visiting, to a cooking show, to musical performances, they had it all.  We went to the port talk each night which explained the next days adventures and got us excited about the day ahead.

The biggest surprise was the musical performances.  We had no idea they would have something like this and they were amazing!  They were loved by the whole family.  Kristin and I enjoyed getting to meet all of them and we quickly became friends.  There was normally talking before and after the shows and us trying to make them laugh while they were singing, or wait was that them making me laugh as they sang.  I have to give them a shout out because they were amazing with Kristin.  As her sister I am so thankful for their kindness toward her and hope that some of her joy and love will stay with them throughout their lives.  I know from experience how she can change someone’s life!  She has wonderful memories now from being in pictures, dancing with them, having a private concert, and enjoying a night on the town.  There were tears when we had to say our goodbyes.  You all will be missed!

Homelands (626) Homelands (1275) Homelands (1279)Homelands (1281)20160625_233238

All this said, the trip will go down in the memory books for sure.  I leave you with this quote that explains exactly how I feel.

“Traveling. Leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

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