Low Blood Sugar

For me, it is a daily struggle to make sure that my blood sugar stays within range.  Today was one of those struggle days.  Work started off on a crazy path and before long I heard the buzzing from my pocket.  Guess what, low blood sugar.  A quick stop for some juice.  Next thing you know, buzz buzz buzz.  Guess one juice wasn’t enough.  This time juice, crackers and peanut butter.  This buzzing and snacking continued for awhile.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many apple juices I had today.  It is hard to explain that feeling you get when you sit down at the computer to chart and all you can do is stare.  Then I hear this little voice say “Hey Amy. Maybe your blood sugar is low!”  Of course then I test and what do you know, I’m low!  Snack time for me.  Finally after a 3pm lunch, my day evened out and my blood sugar decided to cooperate too.

My day ended on a great note with a coworker putting a smile on my face.  He said he had something for me and handed me this great pamphlet that said “Take Control of Your Diabetes”.  I laughed so hard!  I’m so glad that he was able to make a rough day end on a smile.  Living with Type 1 Diabetes isn’t easy.  But when I have friends who are there making sure I’m ok, then I know I’m not alone.  So, I say thank you to my coworkers, who know when to ask if I am ok, who bring me cups of juice, who ask what my blood sugar is, and always make sure that I get lunch.  You are all helping me ‘take control’ of my life!

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