Magic in the Air

Do you feel it?  Feel the Christmas Magic?

From when I was a little kid, there was always something extra special about Christmas.  It wasn’t the toys and gifts or the wonderful foods and sweets.  It was the magic I felt in my heart.  As a kid I saw the world through different eyes.  There was this magical wonder that came about during the holiday season.  Have you ever watched a child walk through a toy store display, stroll along a street that is decorated with lights, or put up Christmas decorations?  There is an extra sparkle.  There are no words that describe it.  It is what kept me awake late on Christmas Eve.  My Mom always told me that I carry that joy and spirit with me all year.  I didn’t understand that as a kid, but thinking about it now it has deeper meaning.

Christmas can get lost as we get older.  We start to stress about the holiday rush at our jobs, how much money we are spending, what gifts to buy, how to attend all the gatherings, and when there will be time to clean and bake. That is when I take a step away from it all and remember what this time of year is really about.  This is when Jesus was born.  There was no huge party to plan for Him.  No gifts to buy for Him.  No worry about cleaning the house.  The night He was born was just a quiet night, a silent night.  He was born in a stable.  God had it all planned.  There was a special kind of magic that happened on that night…Hope!  I wish I could have been there.  My heart tells me that there was a wave of peace and happiness that spread over the stable.

As I write, I’m listening to Christmas music and gazing at the Christmas tree with the manger under it.  I feel the peace and hope, and find that my eyes gain that sparkle back.  The joy and spirit of Christmas don’t have to be only for this time of year.  This is what my mom was getting at when she told me I have that spirit all year.  I hold the feelings of peace, love, hope, and joy in my heart all year.  Yes, even in the hot days of summer we still need Christmas in our hearts.  That is how I live day to day.  With kindness, compassion, and love.  Now, I know I have my bad days where I act like Scrooge and only see the doom and gloom, but then I feel the magic.  I hear God whispering, “Amy, remember the Christmas magic!”  I smile, breathe, and take a step with that magic leading the way.

My prayer for you this Christmas season is that you find that feeling of magic.  Take time to sit by the fire, to look at the lights on the tree, to write a letter to a friend, and to listen to the music.  Find the peace and hope that this season brings.  Then take that magic and place it in your heart.  Hold it there, so when the decorations are put away and life returns to the daily routine, pull out that spark and see how it can change your day and the day of those around you.  The magic comes alive!

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