Over the years there has been many wonderful women in my life.  They have all loved me and cared for me like a mom, but none of them are as amazing as my mom!  My Mom is the superhero of my life!

From the times I remember as a child to moments from yesterday, I always have a good time when she is around.  As a kid she always had fun activities planned for my sister and me.  Whether it was going through the alphabet one day at a time and doing fun things that started with that letter, going to the park, or spending a rainy afternoon reading books on the couch together.  I loved it all.  She always had something up her sleeve to keep us learning and playing.  On our family vacations she would pack a little surprise bag that would have fun things that would be opened at certain points on the trip.  Not only did she plan the trips that we would go on but she thought it through enough that we would have fun things along the way for when we got restless.

As I got older, I was always willing to help out with what she was doing.  My favorite was helping her fix dinner.  This is where I developed my first TV show, Cooking with Amy.  We would pretend that we were on a cooking show and tell the people what we were doing as we cooked.  Not only did it result in lots of laughter (especially if I made a mess and had to explain it to the “viewers”), but it taught me how to cook.  I still call her when I’m cooking sometimes and ask, “Ok this dish is in the oven and it says it only cooks 20 minutes but it looks weird still, what do I do?” or “Can I substitute water for chicken broth, I forgot to get that at the store.”  She always knows what to do.

When I went away to college I realized that there were silly things that I missed with her not being around.  Like how she would normally practice the piano while I was doing my homework in the evening.  It was too quiet at school, so I quickly got some piano music to listen to as I studied.  Then there was the fact that she was my spelling dictionary.  I unfortunately got the bad spelling genes from my dad, so I was always asking her how to spell things.  For the life of me I can never remember silly words like truly, does it have an e or not? (yes, spell check just reminded me that it didn’t have an e).  That was the first word that my mom noticed that my Dad spelled wrong when they were dating.

When I think about all the aspects of her that I love, I hope to be able to be as wonderful as her some day.  She is the kindest, most caring, loving, hardworking, and talented woman I know.  She has raised me to be a strong independent women and I love her for that.  I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for us.  I know we will continue to grow closer and have more wonderful memories to share together.

Cuyahoga (52)

Mom, I love you!

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