Pulling a Moto

We left in a rush to get to Fort Dauphin.  We piled into the jeep and started at a quick pace.  Toky, Diah and two of their friends, Ando and Menja, were all in the car with me.  We bumped along for a bit and then I noticed a man bent over his motorcycle working on it.  This is a common site so I didn’t give it a second thought.  As we got closer Ando noticed that it was the pastor from the hospital.  Toky pulled over and both guys jumped out to help.  After a few minutes of checking the moto over, and looking at what tools were in the trunk of the jeep, it was decided that they would not be able to fix the moto.

Rope was pulled out of a bag and my first thought was that we were going to tie the moto to the back of the jeep.  Then as they tied the rope to the back of the jeep and the front of the moto, I knew my thinking was way off.  Toky put on the helmet and got on the moto.  Ando got in the driver seat.  The backseat of us girls let out verbal concern about what was going to happen.  Were we really going to pull the moto all the way to Fort Dauphin?  Yep!

Slowly the car started to move.  The rope grew taught to the moto.  With a jerk both vehicles started to inch down the road.  Speed gained as we went.  Cues were used between the drivers to signal changes in the road.  This was done by hand signals out the window and brake and signal lights.

As you can imagine, these roads are not paved.  They are not easy to drive.  So take the dirt road you know of and then add a few more huge potholes and about 100 people on bikes and 200 people walking along the edge.  Then you might be closer to what the road was like.

With many laughs and a lot of gasps from everyone in the car, we safely made it to the mechanic shop.  What a journey!  I can for sure say that I have never seen anything like this in the USA.  It just goes to show you that no one is left behind here.  Even when that means that you pull a moto behind a jeep for 30 minutes just so someone can get to where they need to go.

Here is a little video from the journey!


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  1. Hi Amy I don’t know if you got my reply to your last message I so enjoy reading about your adventures.Its really chilly here I turned on furnace just to get the chill out of the house. Kristen came to visit and told me about the pumpkin patch at church.Shes working hard there.What a fiasco they had with the truck driver delivering the pumpkins. I’m sure she’s told you all about it.You take care and hope you are ajusting to the different culture .God Bless and keep you safe ??❤️

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