Rainy San Fran

Today was our day to explore the city.  Breakfast consisted of the weather forecast on both the TV and our phones and maps of the town to plan our day.  Sadly the weather had the upper hand. Rain all day. We planned our day the best we could.

First off to Ghirardelli Square for some chocolate viewing/sampling! We bought some to take home and decided to stop back by later in the evening for their special desserts.



Off to my favorite event for the day…the cable car ride! Even with the rain I knew I wanted to sit on the outside.  A little wind and rain wasn’t going to stop me.  The hills are crazy!!!!  You really do have to hold on.  I’m just very glad that the cable car has good breaks.  The architecture of each house is so unique and wonderful.  I wish everywhere could have homes like this, but I would need to have a yard.  I’m definitely more a nature girl than a city girl.



We went to the end of the this line just so we could ride as long as possible.  We walked around the streets for a bit and then into the mall for lunch.  The food selection was amazing.  Dad had Korean, Kristin had Chinese, and Mom and I had San Francisco soup company, and these are only to name a few of the options.

To work off our yummy lunches we walked through Chinatown entering through the green tile gate.  We enjoyed window shopping and building looking.

DSC06665 DSC06669





Once again back to the cable car.  This time to the Ferry Building.  This building is a hub of activity.  Not only does it serve as a port for ships but it also houses lots of shops and food stands.  The greatest find was a gluten free spot.  Mom was in heaven!  She now has a few treats just for herself.

From here we were able to connect with another of the vintage streetcars to take us back to our hotel.DSC06689

We took advantage of it not raining for a bit and started on the quest to walk Lombard street.  We called it the down up down up down up trip.  Down from our hotel room, up the street to the top of Lombard, down the windy walkway, up the windy walkway, down the street, and up to our hotel room.  Let’s just say that I am very glad I have been working out! My legs were feeling it by the time we walked halfway up the first hill!  Of course just as we were getting ready to head back the rain decided to join in on the fun again.  Why not add a little more water to our day.DSC06694



A quick jump in our car led us to Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies.  These are the iconic houses that you often see pictured.  Just because we are the goofy family we are, when there were no parking spots they dropped me off and drove around the block while I took a few good shots!


From here we went to do a little bridge viewing.  With all the rain and fog we really haven’t had the ideal day for pictures, but I think these are unique in themselves.

DSC06721 DSC06728







Still not having stopped for dinner we decided to forgo the usual dinner options and just go back to Ghirardelli!  Yes ice cream for dinner!  The best part is that my parents were the ones who suggested that we do this.  When does that happen?  Aren’t they the ones who encourage me to eat right?  My Dad always says he wants something nutritious and delicious and covered in chocolate!  Hahaha


Before ice cream.

After ice cream.

Our day was packed with lots of new sights!  Despite the gray clouds and constant drizzle, we were able to have a wonderful time.  I wish I was able to have my camera out more and capture more of the beautiful scenery but I didn’t want my camera and the rain to get too close with each other!  Luckily I have the memories of what we saw and the stories to tell.

For now, this story takes a break as I am off to bed.  Tomorrow is a new day and a new page for stories.  I can’t wait to see what I will learn from it all!

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