Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

For Christmas I was given something I have been wanting for awhile.  A scratch off map!!!!!

Ok, I realize that is not everyone’s idea of a great gift, but for me, I love it.  So, it is a big world map that is covered with this material that you are able to scratch off. Like a scratch off lotto ticket.  When you have gone to a location you scratch it off and it allows the color underneath to show through.  For me and my love of travel, I was very excited about this.

Scratching off the map wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  My hand started cramping up and I had only done a small area.  The spaces are so tiny and I was using a very small point to make sure I only scratched off where I have been.  I started with home, Missouri!

20160115_164621 (2)

Then the rest of the USA!

Oh and Mexico and part of Canada.


Then I went to Africa! I have so so so enjoyed all three of the trips that I have gone on there. Kenya, South Africa, and Namibia.  It has been way too long since I have been there and I hope to return soon.  Anyone know of medical mission trips I could go on that would take me there?


Europe was seen in a fun trip with my family to 5 countries and then a summer in Nottingham, England racked up one more.


Lastly I have Central and South America.

Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador were seen with mission trips.


There seems to be a big gap on the Asia and Australia side.  Hopefully I will find myself there in the not too distant future.


I know that most people would think of this as just another map, but for me it is a dream.  I look at it and say where is my life taking me next.  When will I get to another country, what will I learn, who will I meet, what will I discover about myself.  Traveling is not all about learning about a new place, it is also learning about yourself.  There are so many layers to it.  If you have not been out of your hometown for awhile, I challenge you to go somewhere new.  It doesn’t have to be to a new country or cost lots of money.  There is so much you can do right here in the United States.  That is how my parents started out with me. Just a warning though, it can be addicting after awhile.  So open a map and start to plan!

PS-Just in case you wanted to know, the next trip for me will be in March to San Francisco, Pinnacles National Park, and Redwood National Park.  See, I’m already looking ahead!

Happy Travel Dreaming!

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