Stroke, stroke, breathe.

Stroke, stroke, breathe.

To the end of the pool.



Stroke, stroke, breathe.


Today I did something that I have not done in a really long time.  I swam laps!  It is amazing how I  stopped doing something that makes me so happy.  Yes, I understand that most people wouldn’t see the joy in swimming laps, but think if it from this view.

You jump into the water. Splash. The rush of the coolness takes your breath away.  You go under and push off the wall.  Zoom.  The water is racing by.  You come to the surface and take your first stroke.  Right arm. Left arm. Breathe.  Right arm.  Left arm. Breathe.  There is no noise.  The only sound is the water splashing.  Your thoughts are all devoted to the movements.  Make it to the end of the lane.  Ok.  Good!  Let’s push off and do it again!

There is just this comfort that I feel.  I’m not sure what it is that I love the most.  Is it the water that is holding me afloat?  Is it the quiet that comes from being underwater?  Is it the repetitive almost meditative nature of the movements?  Somehow, I am at peace.  I am free!

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