The Countdown to Madagascar

Today is Tuesday, August 8th and in one week I will be starting on one of the biggest adventures of my life.  Next Tuesday I will be boarding a plane for Chicago where I will join with 95 other Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM).  There we will prepare for the next year of our lives.  I am excited to see the people that I met months ago at the discernment event.  Despite only knowing each other for a few days, we already are friends.  I have heard amazing things about this week in Chicago.  It is the amp up to the big day when I will actually leave the country.

Now time to play a little game of question and answer to tell you more details about my time in Madagascar!!!

Q: Where will you be located?

A: I will be in the town of Manambaro, Madagascar.  When you look at a map it is in the southeastern part of the island.  Here is a little help!

Q: How far is Madagascar from St. Louis, MO?

A: As the crow flies it is 9,766 miles.  But if you want to calculate travel time, look at close to 36 hours.  Yikes!

Q: What will you be doing?

A: I will be working in the hospital in the town and also going out to Mobile Clinics.  I will also be helping teach English in both a formal and informal setting.  With the local church I will be able to be involved with choir, scouts and women’s ministries.  Of course this all comes with a disclaimer that none of this is 100% set.  One thing that I will learn this next year is how to be more flexible and patient!

Q: Where will I be living?

A: I will live next to the campus of the hospital where I am working.  I will have a room with a shared bathroom.  My host family will also be living in the same building.  They are staff members at the hospital.

Q: What will I be eating?

A: Ummm…..that is a good question!  I know that the diet is rice based but not sure much more than that.  I will be eating with my host family.  I am excited to learn about the different foods and how to cook them!

Q: Are there other YAGM in Madagascar?

A: There are 10 YAGM including myself who will be serving in Madagascar for the year.  We are all spread out throughout the country.  Throughout the year we will be able to get together and enjoy retreats where we will see more of the country and debrief.  Hopefully see lemurs at some point!

Thought you also might enjoy some helpful hints for while I am away.

  • Email or Facebook will be the best way to communicate with me.  I am 8 hours different in time so take that into account.  Also, I will not have regular internet connection.  It may be a week or two before I get back to you, but I will!
  • If you get my blogs in your email, the best way to read them is actually by going to the webpage.  The pictures and format are better there!  Just click on the title of the blog post and it will take you right there.
  • Feel free to comment on posts!  This will be a fun way for me to answer your questions and hear your reactions.

It is nice to know a bit more about what the next year of my life will be like.  There will be a lot of growing and learning over the next year.  I’m so excited to see what God has in store for my life.

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