The Dreaded Bar

Yesterday morning Lizzie asked if I could help her move some boxes to find something in our storage closet on our deck.  Many hands make light work, so I said I would come as soon as I finished what I was doing.  She went on out and just closed the screen door behind her.  A few minutes later I joined her, but with it being a very hot and humid day, I closed the sliding glass door too.  We found the few things we were looking for and turned to go inside.  My hands had stuff in them so I couldn’t get a good grip on the door handle.  It wouldn’t budge.  I set the stuff down.  I pulled.  Nothing.  The door wouldn’t move.  That is when I saw it!  The security bar had fallen down.  Stuck!  Really stuck!  We live on the second floor and there is no way up or down from the deck.  Too far to jump and neither one of us was strong enough to crawl down the building.  We had no cell phone to call for help but Lizzie did have her keys.

All we could do was wait for someone to walk by to help us.  Of course it was mid-day and most people were gone at work or inside because it was so hot.  After about 10 minutes we saw a guy walking.  We started yelling at him.  He had this very confused look on his face when we told him we were stuck.  Like the look of “how are you stuck on your own porch.”  Lizzie threw him her keys and he went into our apartment.  He got to the door and tried to just pull it open.  It wouldn’t move.  We said in unison, “No, the bar is down so we can’t open it.”  The look on the guys face was of complete understanding then.  He got how we were stuck.  Swoosh, the door was open and the cool air rushed out.  Freedom!  Inside we went.  We thanked the guy profusely and he just laughed and said glad he could help.  Lizzie and I laughed so hard for a few minutes after.  We just kept saying that this is so like something that would happen to us.  It goes down in the books of crazy things for sure.

Moral to this story: Lizzie will always latch the safety bar from now on.  I will always make sure that it is up and latched before I close the door.

This is just one of many tales from The Adventures of Buddy and Shmamy  (aka Lizzie and Amy’s silly stories)

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