The Madagasgals Have Arrived

3 Flights

36 Hours

10 Girls

All making their way to Madagascar.

I am happy to say that we have made it to Madagascar safely and with all of our luggage.  Traveling for that long definitely brought us closer together.  From crying due to excitement, to laughing so hard we cried, to crying due to the emotions of leaving, we have experienced it all together.

Our first day was in Antananarivo.  We worked on getting all the documents together that we need for the next year and we got our in country phones.  It was fun getting to walk around the city.  I wanted to take in every moment of it!  All the sights, sounds, and smells!!!

Today we drove to Antsirabe where we will spend the next 3 weeks learning together.  I am really excited to start learning Malagasy!!  It won’t be easy, but I’m so ready.  I have no idea what is ahead but I’m here and ready to go.

More information will be coming soon.  I just wanted to say I’m here safely.

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  1. We’re glad you made it there safely and with all your stuff – what a great bonus. Hope misses her Aunt Amy and can’t wait to hear you speak your new language when you get back. :) Love from the Stewarts

  2. Kristenhas been keeping me updated.What is the weather like there ? I’m sure you will get a million questions.Its so good to hear from you. Be Safe and ABSORB everything and remember lots of prayers heading your way❤️

    1. Post

      The weather has been very nice here. Warm in the 80s during the day and then down to high 50s at night. I can’t complain!

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