Welcome to San Francisco

I can’t tell you how hard it was to get through my day of work yesterday knowing that today I would be going on vacation. The hours were ticking by so slowly. Then when I got home I still had to pack. Despite being an experienced traveler, packing is my weakness.  I’m really bad at it! I start to get things together and place them by my suitcase but it is normally late the evening before the trip when I actually get serious about what I am packing. Last night that was 100% true. After a few phone calls to my Mom, I was making progress!

This morning came with a smile on my face as I was ready to go.  There was sadly a delay at the airport, there was heavy rain going through San Francisco so we had an extra 2 hours at the airport.  Finally we were off the ground but it was a bumpy flight.  Actually one of the bumpiest ones I have been on.  The flight attendant even said she was sorry that it wasn’t a boring flight, and everyone clapped when we finally touched down on the runway in San Francisco.

We started with a stop at Twin Peaks Park for our first look over the city.  It was a crazy adventure being in the car and trying to help Dad navigate the roads that are not like city blocks at all.  Finally after a few missed turns and a great drive past the unique homes, we arrived.  As we pulled into the parking lot we were greeted by rain.  We waited it out and ended up being glad we did.  The clouds moved fast enough to give us a view of the city.  It was unlike anything I have seen before.  So much color and so many houses right next to each other.  The best part was that just for a few seconds we were able to glimpse the bridge in the distance.


For so long I have seen pictures of this iconic bridge, and here I am actually seeing it with my own eyes.  I feel like my eyes have been on overload.  So many interesting building.  They just seem to have thrown old and new houses next to each other and then randomly picked out a paint color.  It makes a drive through the city fun.  Off then to find out hotel.  The best part, the view from out room!!  This is what being on the 9th floor will give you!  

All in all despite the rain we had a good evening.  Dinner down on the pier and a bit more city viewing from the city bus.  It was raining too much to take many pictures so I only have a few to prove we are here.  I can’t wait to see more!

The plan for tomorrow is Pinnacles National Park.  I can’t wait!  As for now the long day of travel and the time change have taken their toll, off to bed!

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