What Do You Want For Christmas?

This question is so, so common.  We ask it without even thinking.  We dream about what we want. Sometimes there are the things we need but most of the time we wish for the latest and greatest. Why not dream big?  The holiday is all about dreaming.

Each year growing up my family would go through the catalogs that we would get in the mail and mark different things that we were interested in. It was always a fun time spent on the couch as a family. Lots of laughs over silly things we saw and whispers about what we would get each other. As I have gotten older, making a wish list, and getting a good gift for someone else has become harder. I always want to ask for and give something needed and not something that would just sit and not be used. I already have enough stuff.

One of the goals for this YAGM year is to live simply. To do without some of the excess in our lives. Our packing list was targeted at just the essentials. It is amazing what I don’t need. So, this Christmas I have a new view on a wish list.

The other day I was asked to help sort items in boxes. It was care packages that were sent over to help the hospital. I took them apart. At first I felt weird doing this. Here these were put together with love and I’m taking them apart. But, then I found out what the plan was for these items. They would be given to the hospital workers and their families. The items were being sorted so as to make sure every item would be used. Not long after finishing taking them apart was I shown how to put them back together. Each was made into a bundle. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, nail clipper, Vaseline, washcloth, towel, and blanket. This was going to be a Christmas gift.

Then it hit me. I stopped in the middle of rolling a blanket. This was their wish list. It wasn’t a new phone or a nice car or the top toy of the year, it was the basics. These things would be appreciated. At home I would never think about asking for these items. But here I thought, “It would be nice to get one of these gifts”. All the items were things that make life just a little bit better.

This year my wish list to Santa looks a little different. The “stuff” that normally makes up my list is absent. Here is what I pray I get for Christmas:

Joy in my life and in the lives of my family and friends.

Peace for a world that is broken in so many way.

Love to heal what is broken and to bring people closer together.

Laughter to fill my heart every day.

Faith that the journey I am on is where God wants me.

Hope for a bright future.


Merry Christmas!

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  1. So true, we have enough stuff. Living more simply and feeling blessed with what we have.
    I love reading your posts of your journey this year, you continue to be the incredible niece I love .

  2. Dear Sweet Wise Amy what a wonderful gift your post is.I always feel so good after I read it. I hope you have a Lessed Christmas I know it’s one you will never forget.We got our first snowfall during the night.It was so pretty to wake up to. I hope all good things for you in the coming year. Just think what a difference you are making.Bit of news Hannah Watson graduated UMSL Nursing School last week.She will start at St.Lukes in Jan.I will be surrounded by RNs I’m so blessed.You Be goodbto yourself and stay safe. Merry Christmas with love LaVern

  3. Amy, You inspire all who read you blog. You are helping so many and they are blessed to have you there. Merry Christmas and we will see you in 2018! Love, Aunt Vicki
    PS we just got our first snowfall of the season, so it is beginning to look alot like Christmas!

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