World Diabetes Day

Today is a special day! It is a day that recognizes people with diabetes and helps raise awareness for the disease.  It brings to light the struggles of everyday life and advancements that have evolved to make living with diabetes easier.

For me my story started when I was 10.  Little did I know that one simple Doctor appointment would change my life forever. I was lucky and never really got super sick but was in the hospital a few days to learn about testing my blood sugar, counting carbs, and giving insulin.  Of course all this came about just days before the school year was to start, but I was determined to go to the first day of school. Looking back I can only imagine how nervous my parents were sending me to school that first day.  Who knows what would happen.

18 years later things have changed.  I have been able to do so many wonderful things!  I don’t let my diabetes hold me back. That is my goal. I want to live life to the fullest without complications from my diabetes.

During this next week, I will focus on raising awareness about Diabetes. You can look forward to learning more about what diabetes is and what it is like living day to day as a Type 1 Diabetic (T1D).  I am excited to share with you this part of my life and how it hasn’t limited me.


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